chapter  16
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Clinical Examples of the Application of RE Therapy to the Treatment of Affairs

The three clinical vignettes in this chapter are designed to provide an opportunity to observe how the wide-ranging repertoire of client skills and therapist interventions available within the RE therapy model can be brought effectively to bear in the treatment of affairs. They also have been selected to provide a diversity of illustrative material covering different phases of the RE therapy process. Special attention will be paid throughout to the therapist’s thought process during a session, including explaining the rationale for the intervention(s) made. The first two vignettes come from the same case. The first vignette focuses on the therapist’s calculated use of empathy to help sharpen the core issue in the relationship during a clinical intake with the couple. The challenge here is to do so in a manner that does not alienate either person, because that would be to run an all too high risk of a premature termination to the therapy, obviously an undesirable outcome. The second vignette, involving the same couple, illustrates the use of Therapist Troubleshooting during the individual interview with the involved partner (as part of the clinical intake). The decision to resort to Therapist Troubleshooting was for the purpose of educating the involved partner about the seriousness of the work ahead and what he could expect to have to do in order for the therapy, and the marriage, to have a positive outcome.