chapter  17
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Sexual Minority Youth: School-Based Issues and Interventions

Within days of the start of his junior year, second period becomes a difficult place to be. Everyday, kids insult his personal appearance. They talk with lisps and mimic his voice. They take one of his diaries. Someone wrote “fag” on his notebook. People start calling him names: “fairy,” “queen,” “queer,” “spermicide,” “faggot.” His second period teacher witnesses the harassment but remains silent. Someone threatens, “We’re going to kill you. Die.” In mid-September, three cars full of people from his second period class show up outside his home. They sit there and shout, “Come out; we know you’re in there.” The student tells the principal what happened. The harassment at school continues. It gets physical. People follow him, chase him and brush up against him. They spit on him or at him.