chapter  23
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The Future of Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions in Schools

Contemplating the future is an enticing exercise. Too often, the general media approaches the topic of the future from the perspectives of utopian visionaries or apocalyptic cynics. As history has disclosed, reality usually remains between these extremes. The process of evolution occurs slowly, whether the subject of study is organic or organizational. This is particularly true of a system as large and complex as public education. The overall functioning of our schools in another decade will probably appear more similar than dissimilar to the present. Despite the hopes (or fears) of many, radical reform is unlikely. Yet, some change is inevitable and must be shaped by mental health practitioners to meet the ever-increasing social and emotional needs of children and families. There is more support now than any time in history to address the unmet mental health needs of children, and schools have emerged as central to this mission. From the vantage point of the present, the greater utilization of cognitive-behavioral approaches in addressing needs in schools has promise as a future trend in education.