chapter  5
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Special Topics in Counseling Addicted Families

Describe the social justice counseling construct and its implications for family addictions counselors Explain what multicultural counseling is and why family addictions counselors need to be aware of multicultural topics of importance Describe how to conduct a thorough suicide assessment utilizing the SAD PERSONS Scale and use information gathered from the assessment to encourage hospitalization if necessary Explain how to use an adapted, post-violence debrieng intervention with nonviolent parents and their children

Introduction By this point in the book, you should be familiar with the basics of the Sequential Family Addictions Counseling Model. roughout our clinical work with addicted families, we have found the model to be an invaluable resource to organizing our interventions with a variety of clients and

presenting issues. is chapter takes the application of the model to the next level by examining how the model can be implemented with special topics and populations. Specically, we will explore topics related to social justice, multicultural counseling, and life-threatening behaviors-that is, assessing and intervening with suicidal persons and responding to the aermath of substance-related familial violence. Armored with this additional knowledge, you should be adequately prepared to address the multiple challenges of working with addicted families.