chapter  I
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Therapist Notebook: Treatment Outlines and Handouts for Sessions 1–10 (Also on CD-Rom)

Using the Therapist Notebook The Therapist Notebook is organized by treatment sessions and contains all materials that the therapist needs to conduct the 10-session CPRT model, including Treatment Outlines for Sessions 1-10 and all corresponding parent handouts, homework, and parent worksheets-with sample answers for the therapist. Sample answers are provided only as an example-there are other responses that could be used that would be consistent with the Child-Centered Play Therapy (CCPT) philosophy. For additional CCPT skills and responses, refer to Chapter 5, “CPRT Skills, Concepts, and Attitudes,” in the companion CPRT text (Landreth & Bratton, 2006). The Therapist Notebook contains copies of all handouts in the Parent Notebook, with a reference to the page number where the handout can be found in the CD-Rom version of the Parent Notebook. In preparation for each parent training session, print the Materials Checklist (Appendix A on the accompanying CD-ROM) and review the Study Guide for the treatment outline for that session.