chapter  II
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Study Guide

We suggest that therapists have the Therapist Notebook at hand when reviewing the Study Guide in preparation for each session, making any additional notes directly on the session treatment outline for that session (or electronically adapting the outline as needed). Never use the StudyGuide during treatment sessions; training should not be scripted. The CPRT curriculum is designed to be used by experienced play therapists with prior training and experience in both Child-Centered Play Therapy (CCPT) and group therapy, and who have a solid understanding of CPRT skills, concepts and procedures. This training and experience base is necessary in order to facilitate a lively, spontaneous, and interactive group training process. Reading from the Study Guide would interfere with this process and impede the development of a therapeutic connection between the parents and therapist. The therapist should become familiar enough with the material in the Study Guide to deliver the training in his or her own unique way of engaging parents in the treatment process. As noted earlier, it is expected that the therapist will exercise clinical judgement in using these materials in order to best meet the specifi c needs of a particular group of parents. Note: It is also necessary to refer to the Materials Checklist (See Appendix A on CD-ROM) as you prepare for each training session.