chapter  V
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Appendices (Only on CD-Rom)

Appendix A includes helpful organizational and practical materials for CPRT training. These materials are prepared for ease of reprinting for each new group and include a Parent Information Form to complete prior to Session 1 and to note important information about group participants (this form should be brought to every session; therefore we suggest inserting it in the front of the Therapist Notebook); the Materials Checklist for Sessions 1-10 to help keep track of what the therapist needs to bring to each session (the therapist is advised to bring a few extras of all printed materials that parents will need for each session, in the likely case a parent forgets the notebook); CPRT Progress Notes to assess the clinical progress of individual group members throughout Sessions 1-10; and the Therapist Skills Checklist for the novice CPRT therapist or student intern to self-assess important CPRT skills. This appendix also contains items for parents that are to be handed out separately from the Parent Notebook materials, including Playtime Appointment Cards, Do Not Disturb Template, and Certifi cates of Completion.