chapter  6
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Chapter Six

Unlike Lawrence, whose longing for an ideal world at times expresses itself in visions of a hierarchal, male-chauvinistic society, Woolf would never have dreamed of such a utopia. And yet, there are also moments when Woolf ’s longing for a better world is hampered by ideological limitations. Ironically, these limitations are most visible in her explicitly political writings. However, the more important link between Woolf ’s utopian visions and those of Lawrence can be found in her concern with epiphanic moments that dismantle the status quo in envisioning a more fluid and dynamic structures of social being, time, and space. In some instances, Woolf ’s utopian spaces push Lawrence’s “living space” one step further. Grounded in her own experience of London, her penetrating depictions of the modern cityscape offer a more concrete and dynamic utopian chronotope engaged in the simultaneously oppressive and liberating texture of everyday life.