chapter  5
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Integral to celebrity culture is the enthrallment in the lives of figures who have, for some reason, become well known. The fictional Jess may have a lot in common with countless other worshipful fans of one of the world's leading celebrity athletes of the early 2000s. The original research paper "Conceptualization and measurement of celebrity worship" established that "parasocial interactions are part of the normal identity-development". Being worshipful carries no connotation of passivity, according to the original research. True, the researchers describe an "enthralled" population, which "reveres" celebrities. Celebrity athletes and musical celebs are worshipped more intensely than other kinds of celebrities, according to Lynne McCutcheon et al. In "A cognitive profile of individuals who tend to worship celebrities," McCutcheon et al. describe a typical borderline-pathological as someone who might spend several thousand dollars on a napkin or a plate used by a celebrity.