chapter  7
Developments and applications of the skilled helper model: a round-table of views
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This chapter is included to offer a range of contemporary perspectives on the skilled helper model as it is currently understood and practised in the UK. It gives an insight into some of the creative ways that the model is being used as a framework for integrative practice and in the education and supervision of helpers. The contributors to this chapter all use the skilled helper model in their teaching, counselling and supervisory roles. The pieces were written independently of each other and the authors were invited to make their contributions before seeing the material in other chapters. They were given a very wide brief and invited to write freely about their experience of the skilled helper model and any aspects of particular interest to them. Therefore the insights and experience they have chosen to share are individual and personal and are not directly influenced by my own perspectives and slant on the model. Nonetheless, it is interesting to see these writers wrestling in a very real and experiential way with the kinds of challenges, tensions and rewards of working with the model that are highlighted and explored in preceding chapters.