chapter  5
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Legal issues

In recent years the nature of sport volunteer involvement has changed due to the increasing complexity of the legal environment in which sport organizations operate. More so than ever VSOs need to manage risk and to protect the organization itself, their members and volunteers from legal action. Given the continuing trend towards increasing legal pressures on sport, it is vital that sport volunteers receive appropriate training and develop the skills and knowledge necessary to carry out their tasks safely and efficiently. This chapter examines the major legal issues associated with managing sport volunteers and VSOs. While it is beyond the scope of this book to address all relevant legal issues at an operational level of detail, key current and emerging concerns are discussed. Furthermore, given the international focus of the book, detailed analysis of specific legislation is not provided but rather, this chapter focuses on legal principles. It should be noted that while Chapter 5 contains legal information, it does not constitute legal advice and any individuals or organizations that require specific legal advice should consult a qualified legal practitioner.