chapter  1
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Departures and beginnings

Post-compulsory education policies and politicians tell us that we must become more flexible as individuals, whether we are learners or workers. Our institutions must be more responsive to demand. As our future environment is no longer certain, all must become flexible. As learners, we must take on new skills in contexts of change. As individuals, we must ensure that we equip ourselves to be employed or to maintain our employment. As educators, we must be flexible at work, be prepared to take on new ways of doing our jobs and new ways of thinking if the needs of our students and societies are to be met. Educational institutions must be flexible if they are to equip populations with the attributes that our corporations and economies will need for the future. We are incited by politicians to become lifelong learners, to learn continuously so that we might better contribute to work and societies. Organizations, we are told, need to become learning organizations and societies learning societies.