chapter  1
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To what extent is war itself becoming a risk management strategy? This book is a study of emerging patterns of contemporary warfare that have significant implications for grasping the changing character of war. After all, the West has ‘a real problem with the concept of war these days’.2 While the modern era was characterised by war or the threat of war between Great Powers, contemporary conflict involved mostly failed, destabilised or rogue states and non-state actors. Overturning conventional logic and historical patterns, these relatively ‘weak’ entities, rather than powerful ones now posed primary strategic concerns to the West in an age of globalisation, contributing to what some see as a new American way of war.3 Addressing such conceptual issues as part of the ongoing ‘transformation of war’ debate, this book puts in broader perspective Anglo-American campaigns over Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq from 1998 to 2005 that are in some important aspects not yet fully understood in their entirety.