chapter  6
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Payment Documents

Chapter 4 (Parts 4.5.14 and 4.5.15) discusses the clauses to be included in the Conditions of Contract to enable the Contract Price and the Terms of Payment to be evaluated. Those clauses should set out the general items of work for which payment is to be made by the Employer to the Contractor, provide for any contra charges, and state the times at which payments and advances are to be made. The precise method of evaluating and calculating the amounts of the payments and advances is not usually given in the Conditions but is set out in accompanying Schedules or Bills of Quantities, which are often longer than the Conditions themselves and are not, therefore, suitable for inclusion in them, except by cross reference. The form and contents of the Schedules and Bills will vary with the type of contract and the character of the Works, but they may all be described as “Payment Documents” and will represent that part of the contract documentation which defines the financial provisions in detail.