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China (CHN)

The Academy is a comprehensive research institution affiliated to the Ministry of Urban and Rural Construction and Environmental Protection.

The Academy has eight research institutes: Institute of Building Structures, Institute of Foundation Engineering, Institute of Earthquake Engineering, Institute of Concrete, Institute of Air-conditioning, Institute of Building Physics, Institute of Building Mechanization and a Computer Centre. Main fields of work The main emphasis is on housing construction. Research covers the following fields: • The key technical problems in the construction of industrial and

residential buildings • Compilation and administration of building codes, specifications and

standards • Testing and computation techniques • Basic problems in applied sciences • Technical bottlenecks in the key projects of the country • Technical services and technical training. Total staff: 1279 Professionally qualified staff: 407 Director or Chief Executive President of the Academy: Xu Zhengzhong Principal sources of finance The Chinese Government. Publications Journal: Building Mechanization, bi-monthly.