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Ghana (GHA)

The BRRI is a wholly government financed research institution under the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). It is one of the ten research establishments under the Council. The primary objective of the BRRI is to help the building and road design and construction industries to be more efficient, safe and economical in providing the buildings and roads that the country needs. Main fields of work • Building design and planning: design, environmental physics, phys-

ical and regional planning, low cost and rural housing, building economics

• Materials: feasibility studies for the establishment of medium and small scale materials industries, e.g. brick and lime, kilns for burning bricks and lime. Studies into the use of local building materials from agricultural and industrial wastes, termite research

• Soil mechanics and foundation engineering: geotechnical properties and engineering behaviour of soils and bedrock materials, engineering geology and rock mechanics, highway and airfield pavements, foundations and earth structures

• Structures: structural system evaluation, industrialized systems analysis, design of structures utilizing structural steel, aluminium, reinforced concrete, reinforced masonry, plain masonry, heavy timber and laminated wood

• Traffic and transportation: highway feasibility studies, design of bridges and culverts, geometric design of roads and intersections. rural road planning and maintenance studies, traffic accident studies, land use, transportation studies, etc.