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Guatemala (GTM)

A university and public institution attached to the School of Engineering of the University of San Carlos, which serves the needs of participating institutions and of government, municipal, and other public institutions, industry, private enterprise and all concerned. It was made possible by the amalgamation of the Materials Laboratory of the Bureau of Public Works (founded in 1952) and the Materials and Hydraulics Laboratories of the School of Engineering, University of San Carlos (founded in 1935). The water analysis laboratories of the Bureau of Public Works and the Municipality of Guatemala were incorporated in 1965; soil mechanics and structural engineering facilities were established in 1964; chemical, mechanical, and electrical engineering laboratories were established in 1967. The construction information centre (Centro de Informacion a Ia Construccion) started operations in 1979. It has been expanded to related information in the field of human settlements. In 1980, the Housing Research unit of the School of Architecture and the Building Technology unit of the Cll, were organized as the Technology for Human Settlements, program co-ordinated by Cll. Main fields of work • Educational laboratory services in several engineering branches at

university and technical level to 5 universities and 3 Government technical vocational schools.