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Indonesia (IDN)

AM Directorate of Building Research (DBR) and UN Centre for Research and Development on Human Settlements Direktorat Penyelidikan Masalah Bangunan (DPMB) 84 Jalan Tamansari (Tromol Pos 15), Bandung Telephone: (022) 81082/81083 Telex: 28327 DBA BD lA Cables: REHOCE Date of establishment 16 September 1953

The Directorate of Building Research is a government research institute within the Directorate General of Housing, Planning and Urban Development of the Ministry of Public Works. The Directorate carries out research and development on housing, building materials, structure and human settlements. The research and development contribute to the programme in the field of Cipta Karya, consisting of urban and rural planning, housing, sanitary engineering, building materials and structure. Besides carrying out national programmes, DBA also contributes to international work by means of being the regional centre of the ESCAP region for research on human settlements in tropical humid areas, named the Regional Centre for Research on Human Settlements (UNRCRHS), and is also involved in the Training Co-operation Among Developing Countries Programme (TCDC). Main fields of work Being a research institute, the main function of the Directorate is to evaluate buildings, houses, building materials and structure and human settlements from technical, economic and functional considerations by continuously developing, organizing and undertaking studies and research necessary to support government programmes in the field of housing, building, planning and urban development. It is also responsible for the dessemination of relevant information for national and international audiences.