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Iraq (IRQ)

Governmental institution attached to the Ministry of Housing and Construction at the disposal of all State, provincial and municipal services, civil services and industry. Main fields of work • To carry out laboratory tests for quality control for all types of

construction materials; sub-soil investigations together with recommendations pertaining to foundation design and construction and all necessary tests on construction works carried out by the Ministry's subsidiary organizations and directorates and by the ministries and organizations of the Government sector against fees

• To endeavour to enhance the scientific and standard technical performance of its personnel and to arrange extensive training courses and international seminars. The centre also undertakes to train personnel of other organizations, including the Iraqi technical institutes and university students

• To carry out applied research on construction materials and works in order to determine and realize the best methods for the construction of roads and structures in co-ordination with the organizations concerned

• To compile the research reports issued by the universities and scientific, national and foreign organizations relating to the specialization of the Centre in order to prepare them and place them before the various establishments Besides quality control, the technical bodies approach the Centre for

advice on problems in executing different types of project. The Centre then undertakes to prepare studies and provide recommendations through the consulting committee.