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Pakistan (PAK)

The Council for Works and Housing Research was created in 1964 under the Ministry of Agriculture and Works with the aim of initiating and promoting the institutions of research, studies, testing and documentation relating to housing problems in Pakistan. The housing problems in Pakistan are many and varied in nature. Conservation of natural resources and the use of agricultural wastes, meeting the challenges of war and natural calamities and providing low cost houses for labourers and farmers are worth particular mention. Total staff: 85 of whom around two-thirds are supporting staff Director or Chief Executive Gul Mohammad Khan Afghan, Chairman, Council for Works and Housing Research Dr M. Sulaiman, Director, Building Research Station Heads of department Concrete and Structures, Building Physics and Fire and Workshop and Stores: Dr Ataullah Maher Soil Engineering: Miss Khalida Khan Building Material and Components: Nadir Mansoor Building Maintenance, Personnel and Transport: S.A.A. Hashmi Library: Sarfaraz Hussain Budget & Accounts: Rafiq Haider Principal sources of finance Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of Pakistan. Principal related bodies Governing Body: sanctions all budgetary and administrative policy; Council: recommends budgetary and administrative measures; Research and Development Advisory Committee: reviews past progress and recommends future research programmes Publications • Annual Report • Current Papers, published frequently • technical recommendations: Recommendations are made to the

Pakistan Standards Institutions. • Research reports published in 1983: Two experimental low cost

rooms at Building Research Station; Experimental and demonstration low cost house built with rice husk ash and lime as cement; Load tests on the experimental and demonstration low cost house built with rice husk ash and lime as cement: Granulated blast-furnace slag as a substitute for cement; Low cost room built with slag at Building Research Station; concrete mix proportioning and characteristics of Karachi aggregates

A Government Testing and Building Research Establishment under the Communication and Works Department, Government of Punjab, Lahore. Main fields of work The day-to-day working of this station is carried out under the Director, who is assisted by the Assistant Director and Senior Research Officer. The Assistant Director is responsible for four sections through two Assistant Engineers: General Section; Accounts Section; Brick and Soils Section and Library Section.