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Spain (ESP)

The Division of Research and Methods of Agroman is dedicated to solving all problems relating to the activities of the company in the field of civil, industrial and building construction. Main fields of work • Investigation into construction development • Operational research • Fundamental research • Materials, machine and construction methods • Work planning • All problems in the construction field • Co-operation with Spanish universities and technical schools • Collaboration with foreign universities, agencies and individuals dedi-

cated to research (USA, West Germany, etc.). Total staff: 11 000 Professionally qualified staff: 750 Director or Chief Executive President: General Manager Jose Maria Aguirre Gonzalo (Agroman) Director, Division of Research and Methods: Manuel Galan Elgart Principal sources of finance Agroman Empresa Constructora SA; Agroman Construction Co. Ltd. Publications • Obras, a review, 3 times per year • Almanac, annual • Internal review of articles and books, with summaries, monthly • Internal Reports of studies and/or research for all jobs.