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Tanzania, United Republic of (TZA)

Governed by a Council consisting of 22 members appointed by the Minister for Works. These members are from various ministries, parastatal Organizations and private firms in the construction industry. Total staff: 34 Professionally qualified staff: 13 Director or Chief Executive Executive Secretary: Dr George Mlingwa Heads of department Contracts and Arbitration: R. Balasuperamaniam Research and Development: Y.N. lssa Registration and Training: J.W. Kafanabo Documentation and Information: not yet operational Principal sources of finance Government subvention through the Ministry of Works. Principal related bodies All Ministries and parastatal organizations; all consulting firms (architectural, engineering and quantity surveying); all contractors in the construction industry; all research institutions in the construction industry. Publications • Seminar papers and reports • Building Materials Seminar • Role of Contractors in National Development Seminar • Architects' Role in the Construction Industry • Role of Consulting Engineers in the Construction Industry.