Yugoslavia (YUG)
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After separation from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Archtecture and Geodesy of the Hydraulic Laboratory in 1954, the Fluid Mechanics Laboratory was renovated for scientific research studies of the teaching staff of that Faculty. Main fields of work • Experimental demonstrations and exercise training for students on

the Faculty's hydrotechnical courses • Research practice for grade Ill, and postgraduate students: doctoral

dissertations of hydrotechnical orientation • Research work by the teaching staff • Hydraulic research and studies for external clients. Total staff: 8 Professionally qualified staff: 7 Director or Chief Executive Chief of the Laboratory: Professor Milan Psenicnik Principal sources of finance Funds from the Special Education Association and Union of Research Organizations of the Republic of Slovenia as well as fees for research studies. Principal related bodies The Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy of Ljubljana University as principal administrative body.