chapter  10
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Supervisors’ Interpersonal Behavior and Student Teachers’ Satisfaction

This chapter demonstrates the versatility of the QTI and Leary Model with populations other than secondary teachers and students. Both were successfully adapted to describe the relations between cooperating and student teachers, and the results can be used to strengthen teacher education. The chapter begins with a description of how the QTI was adapted for use with these new groups and became the Questionnaire on Supervisor Interaction (QSI). It then reviews the literature on the relationship between cooperating and student teachers and describes a study in which the QSI was used to investigate supervisors’ communication style and student teachers’ satisfaction. The study sample consisted of 113 student teachers in their second and third years of study in a state teachers’ college in the Northern part of Israel. Except for kibbutz colleges which have idiosyncratic features, the sample in this college is representative of the statewide student-teacher population.