chapter  3
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Indoctrination, propaganda and terror

As we have seen in Chapter 2, the Nazis maintained the basic institutional structure of the Weimar Republic while adding a nazified layer. The same applied to the process of indoctrination and propaganda. The Ministry of Education was fully centralised as part of the campaign to destroy the autonomy of the Länder in 1933. It sought to nazify schools through the imposition of a common curriculum which introduced new subjects closely related to Nazi ideology. Meanwhile, a new institution had been established in March 1933 in the form of the Ministry of People’s Enlightenment and Propaganda. Presided over by Goebbels, this aimed at the population at large. It controlled all areas of propaganda through radio, films and the press, and influenced cultural output in the form of literature, music and the fine arts. Another vehicle for propaganda was the 1936 Law on the Hitler Youth, which confirmed the existence of an institution which had existed since the establishment of the Third Reich.