chapter  7
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From the Yugoslav tragedy to the tragedy of the West

The question suggests itself whether Marković, in his resolve to “discipline” Slovenia with the help of the army, did not feel emboldened by the behavior of the Western states, i.e., to what extent Western policy bears the blame for the outbreak of violence in Yugoslavia. It is generally accepted that Marković felt he was politically justified by the behavior of the West, of the United States as well as of the European Community, in standing up for the ostensible unity and integrity of Yugoslavia and in opposing the declarations of independence on the part of Slovenia and Croatia. Witnesses report that Marković was going around Belgrade in those days telling people that he had “more than just one mandate”. Even at the talks with the European troika on 7 July 1991 in Brioni, he still tried to bring the army to the border, until he was dissuaded by the troika.1