chapter  3
The school culture
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Many writers and researchers stress the importance of shared vision in schools (e.g. Bennis and Nanus (1985), Beare et al. (1989), Riddell and Brown (1991), Murgatroyd and Morgan (1992), Whitaker (1993), Sammons et al. (1995)). Murgatroyd and Morgan (1992:81) suggest that a school vision ‘should be defined as a vivid picture of a challenging yet desirable future state that strongly meets the needs of the students and is widely seen as a significant improvement on the current state’. They go on to say:

Everyone involved in the school…should be encouraged to articulate the meaning of the vision for them personally once it has been developed. The vision should become a basis for encouraging, enabling, empowering and developing the staff of the school, and should be regarded as the cornerstone for all the actions of the school.