chapter  8
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After the demise of Europa, the EBU acted as midwife to two further pan-European satellite television channels, the thematic channels, Eurosport and Euronews (which entered service in 1989 and in 1993 respectively). The failure of Europa finally led European public service broadcasters to play to their strengths by drawing on the EBU’s core resources in sport and news-programming which the Wangermée Group stated were the EBU’s most notable strengths. Moreover, the burgeoning success of commercial thematic channels and the failure of Europa’s mixed programming format led public service broadcasters to adopt a thematic format for their new European channels. Eurosport and Euronews represented further departures from established public service broadcasting norms in that they were launched in partnership with interests from which European public service broadcasting had formerly maintained a scrupulous distance-commerce and the state, specifically News International and the European Community, respectively.