chapter  3
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Life on the Terraces

Young supporters at every football league ground (and at many non-league grounds) have defined sections of the terracing as their own territory-an area from which they always watch the football game. Although, to the casual observer, the terraces may seem unremarkable slabs of tiered concrete, certain areas within them are sacrosanct to the fans who habitually occupy them. The chosen section is usually in the open areas behind the goals-areas of the ground which have traditionally been occupied by working-class men since the grounds were built. Such areas also tend to be the cheapest to get into. These territories are known by the generic term Ends and each ground has a distinctive name for its End. The ‘Kop’ of Liverpool and the ‘Shed’ of Chelsea are two well-known examples. In addition, many Ends are known by the name of the road which runs past the turnstile entrance to them-eg. the ‘Stretford End’ at Manchester United and the ‘London Road End’ at Oxford.