chapter  8
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—Supporting, Change of Support

One way to initiate exploration in supporting is to try out the range from single supports to quadruple supports illustrated on page 98. After students have completed an initial tryout on their own, sets of cards of these various possibilities can be placed face down, students then selecting six cards to arrange in a logical movement sequence. They will need to find linking movements for chance material and should add accompanying gestural movements to make the phrases interesting. A slow musical accompaniment may be appropriate since it allows time for changes to take place. Encourage variations in timing so that the duration for each action is not the same. Some supports may occur only as fluent transitions; for others there may be a slight pause or a significant hold. Students may work in pairs, each with an independent set of changes of support, or they may work with one set but each organize the material in a different way, with different timing, emphases, and so on, and yet produce an interesting duet.