chapter  9
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More tales of oil wealth and forests: Mexico, Nigeria and Indonesia

The preceding five chapters have analysed the relationship between oil wealth and forests in the five primary cases. All were small or medium-sized countries, which allowed us to deal in a comprehensive way with highly problematic forest statistics and a multitude of opposite impacts from macroeconomics to land use. However, this choice, governed by analytical convenience, has also meant that certain large, more complex, but important tropical mineral exporters have been ignored up to this point.The present chapter will try to remedy this by giving a brief, ad hoc account of the oil wealth link to forests in three of the largest countries, one in each of the main tropical continents: Mexico, Nigeria and Indonesia. For each country, we shall start with the oil sector proper, then turn to the macroeconomic/policy sphere, and finally discuss how land use and forests were affected on the national and regional levels.