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A ‘new’ dwifungsi ?

Given all that had occurred, and even though Indonesia had witnessed significant political changes since May 1998, it seemed as though the TNI’s disengagement from the political process was slow in coming. The push for reform from within the TNI continued – albeit, in the period to mid-2001, with a ‘reform leadership’ divided between the less and more radical demands of Yudhoyono and Widjojo on the one hand and Agus Wirahadikusumah on the other. Their main point of contention – the future of the Territorial structure of the TNI – was, in one sense, the key to Indonesia’s further democratisation and certainly to plans for economic and political devolution. Among other things, the concern was that if decentralisation went ahead while the Territorial structure remained in place, then local military commanders would be given the opportunity to commandeer the local political and economic processes and re-establish themselves, in effect, as independent warlords.