chapter  3
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Air Mail Scheme largely on the grounds that the fund was so heavily committed already that money for new schemes was limited.20 £900,000 was also provided for 1936-37 but only £500,000 for 1937-38, and the committee’s request of £850,000 for 1938-39, allowing only £157,000 for new schemes, ran into trouble. In the event only £650,000 was allocated.21 As a result of the cut, the committee calculated in December 1938 that there would be no balance to carry forward at the end of the year. Commitments for 1939-40 already totalled £500, 000 and the committee wanted £300,000 in addition for new schemes. In fact only £750,000 was voted for the CDF that year.22 A worthwhile scheme in Jamaica had to be turned down partly on the grounds that the grant to the CDF for the year was insufficient to meet the cost.23 The final estimate was £600,000 for 1940-41, but this was mainly to be transferred to Colonial Development and Welfare schemes after the Colonial Development and Welfare Act was passed in July 1940.