chapter  13
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Professor, psychoneural intimacy, disarrays

Another anomaly on my mind was Anomalous Monism, the best-known and most intriguing version of the idea that mind and brain do not merely go together but are one thing. It was owned by the aforementioned Don Davidson, the Pied Piper of Berkeley, California, in whose train so many English postgraduates followed, often not to their doom. Anomalous Monism is one of the two kinds of Identity Theories identified some pages back, the sensible and innocuous kind. It does not actually get rid of the mind by neuralizing consciousness – Eliminative Materialism – or of course get rid of the brain by mentalizing it. Rather, it takes a conscious and a neural property to be properties of a single event. Some single thing has properties such that it is both your thinking of Charlotte Street, as that is ordinarily understood, and also an electrochemical episode in your brain.