chapter  5
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White and Green and Not Much Re(a)d: The 1988 White Paper on Broadcasting Policy

Broadcasting policy in the UK has seldom been a hotter issue. There has been an accelerating flow of official documents of which the Home Office’s White Paper Broadcasting in the 90s: Competition Choice And Quality (Home Office, 1988) is probably the penultimate statement, to be followed by a new Broadcasting Act in 1989. But it is not just the structural issues of broadcasting policy, concerning the finance and organization of broadcasting institutions (addressed in numerous official documents, see inter alia DTI, 1988; Home Office, 1987a; Home Office, 1987b; Peacock, 1986) which have been the object of official attention for the government has made explicit use of its powers (in the BBC Licence and the 1981 Broadcasting Act) to prohibit transmission of particular messages.