chapter  11
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The Judge's night-gown' .... The curtain shoots up on the court and shows the chorus girls packing the jury box. Enter Bolton as the judge .... One of the juvenile chorus enters, as the boy disputed in the case .... The women claimants appear. Bolton addresses one of them. 'Are you the mother of that-?' Ten years then.' 'Any evidence?' 'Only my motherhood.' 'Have you got it with you?' The house roars .... A lawyer with an enormous paunch rises and says, 'I rise.' Hysteria ... . Repeats, 'I rise.' Bolton, 'Well, don't rise any more.' Hysteria. All this time Bolton keeps slapping the policeman's helmet off, creating a stream of hysterical laughter. Bolton to the lawyer, 'Sit down and get on with your knitting.' The second woman claimant says, 'See my likeness to the child.' Bolton replies, 'Oh, he may grow out of that: A general fight ensues, particularly between the two women claimants.