chapter  6
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Outline Planning

Planning can begin once the project brief has been agreed by the project sponsors and approved by the main stakeholders. The project plan can become a working tool that helps the project team to focus on completing the project’s tasks and activities. It enables those managing projects to keep track of resources, time and progress towards achieving each objective. There are many obvious benefits to thorough and careful planning, but there is a danger that energy will be put into planning and not translated into carrying out the activities of the project – planning can become an end in itself. The energy and time expended in planning needs to be in proportion to the size and complexity of the project. For most projects the time spent in defining the project brief, discussing issues with stakeholders and carrying out a risk assessment will have provided sufficient clarity to enable planning to take place. For small and fairly straightforward projects it might be sufficient to plan tasks and activities using only a few of the charts and techniques available. For larger and more complex projects there are a number of techniques that help to plan all the processes of the project so that progress can be managed and monitored.