chapter  3
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Constructing a Better World

Salgado’s desire to construct a different society also compels

contemporary activist photographers to seek out the underreported

story, the story that just has to be told, the social inequity that has to be

redressed. Some continue in the black-and-white tradition; others

question the limitations of a single image on a printed page in today’s

media-saturated world where viewers are bombarded daily by images of

the most dreadful scenes and events and respond with a compassion

fatigue. Some activists experiment with new media platforms or new

storytelling formats. They do this, questioning whether an image can be

legitimate if it appears only on a computer screen. Some believe that the

photograph is only the beginning, only the means to a solution. They

routinely partner with nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and

nonprofit organizations for funding without compromising their

photographic integrity. They create foundations to support the subjects

they photograph. They use their photographs for fund-raising to aid groups

working on the issues that were the subjects of their photographs.