chapter  16
Handsets for Mobile TV and Multimedia Services
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But this is not the case with operators in Europe, who — having launched DVB-H pay services — battle heavy odds, as the penetration remains dismal. 3 Italia, the pioneer for DVBH in Europe, started giving free access to some of its channels, including RAI 1, RAI 2, Mediaset, Sky Meteo 24, La3, and Current TV. 3G operators (including those with HSDPA and EV-DO) can fi nd some reassurance there, as most smartphones shipped are 3G-capable, and support players that can be used to provide a 3G streamed TV service. However, this is still not true for all devices (including the iPhone 3G) and workarounds are needed to provide a functional mobile TV service. The question of handset availability, however, remains an open question for future operators, particularly those who are brave enough to launch a pay DTV service using a proprietary encryption.