chapter  17
Mobile TV and Multimedia Services Interoperability
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We are in the early days of mobile TV and video calling. But Internet access, browsing, video and audio fi le downloads, MMS, and other multimedia applications are now being used extensively. Video calling and 3G mobile TV services are available in many networks across countries, but their usage at present is minimal and will grow over time with the universal availability of handsets. One of the key factors in the widespread growth of the mobile multimedia services and mobile TV will be the capability of these services to function across multiple networks. This also means a larger range of handsets being usable in a network. This aspect has been drawing the attention of the industry players, including standards organizations, operators, handset manufacturers, and application designers. The players also realize that we are in a bipolar world of CDMA and GSM evolved 3G networks and coordination is necessary to impart network interoperability, roaming, and porting of applications. The industry is investing considerable resources toward an early harmonization of standards and services.