chapter  Chapter 1
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The Beauty

ByCarrie Beene

This chapter includes discussions on ways to resize an image, saving a workspace, the cs4 brush tool options bar, CS4 panel setting brush tools to pen pressure. It begins with a file in the Beauty folder, The chapter advises readers to begin by retouching the Vania Beauty file. They need to be judicious about using the Clone stamp tool on skin, and there is a second technique that is much less destructive. Readers may want to rely on this technique more heavily than the cloning as they continue retouching the skin. The second part of the skin retouch is accomplished with a dual set of Curve Adjustment layers. One curve is going to lighten and the second will darken. Before merging the editable adjustment layer into a pixel layer, readers need to check it carefully to make sure it does not look masky or is creating color shifts.