chapter  Chapter 2
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The Background

ByCarrie Beene

This chapter teaches how readers can build the comp file. It advises to extend the file they are working on drastically to the right. In this job, the main beauty has not been rotated, but often in this type of spread, the main shot—the “beauty”—has been rotated to fit the layout. Readers need to open all three files in the Background folder. As the client wants two versions of the background, readers can control-click/right-click on the eyeball of a layer to get the fly-out menu to color-code a layer. Sometimes the client will give the retoucher the PSD file with all the layers so they can sift through it and see how it was built, but sometimes they do not, and readers have to figure it out by ourselves. Transforming an object degrades it a little more each time it is done, so it is better to transform sparingly.