chapter  Chapter 3
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The Powder Products

ByCarrie Beene

This chapter teaches readers how to match their color palette to products. Redaers might want to choose their own color palette rather than just follow the author's. They can go out and pick actual products to use as their own palette. Take a trip to the local cosmetics counter and look at the ads. This can help them choose their color scheme. The chapter begins by adding products to Vania_Spread_V2. The chapter advises readers to use the tools described and play around with it until it looks right. Readers must toggle their high-pass layer on and off to see the sharpening effect. The Pen tool must be used to outline the cakes, and go to the Paths panel and doubleclick on the Work path and name it to save the path. In the absence of a good-quality light box, readers must use bright daylight and not stand next to any brightly painted walls!.