chapter  Chapter 4
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The Tube Products

ByCarrie Beene

This chapter advises readers to make a selection from their path outline with zero feather; the products need to have nice, clean, sharp edges. While the selection is active, double-click on the Background layer in the Layers panel to unlock it by renaming it “layer 0,” and then add a layer mask by clicking on the Add Layer Mask icon, and the product is now alpha and ready to drag into the main file. There are several ways readers can easily mask out a simple black on white image. They can use Color Range from the menu bar. The chapter then explains how to do the structural retouching by isolating it and by lassoing it with the polygonal lasso to create straight lines. It is better to use the same Clone Stamp spatter brush on either Lighten or Darken to smooth out and bumps or blotches making the tube look sleek and polished.