chapter  5
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Documentary Filmmaking with an Animator’s Sensibility: Dennis Tupicoff

In The First Interview (2011), the world’s first media interview photographed in Paris in August 1886, finally comes to life as a film. The great photographer Nadar interviews the famous scientist and skeptic Chevreul on his 100th birthday, and this 15-minute documentary will be broadcast on France’s Canalþ as well as on Australia’s ABC network in early 2012. Tupicoff’s films are often shown in retrospectives. In April 1995, 16-year-old Matthew Easdale was shot dead in a house in Brisbane, Australia. In His Mother’s Voice (1998), Tupicoff uses the original radio interview with Matthew’s mother and uses rotoscoped animation to present the account in two very different ways. His Mother’s Voice has been included in many programs of documentary animation (e.g., Fantoche 2011, IDFA 2007, Zagreb 2008, and Leipzig 2008) and is discussed at length in several recent books, including Introduction to Documentary by Bill Nichols, The Animation Bible: A Practical Guide to the Art of Animating from Flipbooks to Flash by Maureen Furniss, and Australian Documentary: History, Practices, and Genres by Trish FitzSimons, Pat Laughren, Dugald Williamson. Tupicoff was also featured in Chris Robinson’s book Unsung Heroes of Animation. Since 2000, Tupicoff and Fiona Cochrane have worked together on various projects as Jungle Pictures Pty. Ltd.