chapter  1
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Finding Pleasure in the Imperfection: Yoni Goodman

Comic strip artist and animator Winsor McCay’s The Sinking of the Lusitania, copyrighted in 1918, was an animated film depicting the real-life torpedoing of the English Cunard liner Lusitania by a German submarine off the coast of Ireland and can be considered a precursor to today’s animated documentaries. Max Fleischer began working in animation in 1915 and also got his start as a newspaper cartoonist. Together with his brother Dave, they patented the process known as Rotoscope in 1917. Their invention allowed the artist to draw frame-by-frame over live-action footage and is very much responsible for the look development of many of today’s animated documentaries. Fleischer Studios created such memorable characters as Betty Boop and the star of the Out of the Inkwell series, KoKo the Clown.