chapter  9
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Desks Up!

The next thing we do after we have raised our PA system toward the heavens is to set up the mixing consoles. In this chapter, we cover mix positions, mixing consoles, and outboard gear.

MIX POSITION Life on the road can be hard, but it’s a lot harder when you can’t hear what you’re doing. Unfortunately, there are many venues where the mixing desk is not situated in an ideal location, such as in a room at the back of a club, or under a balcony where you can’t see the PA and can hardly see the stage (this happened to me at a show in Chicago while out with Amy Winehouse). Unless you’re carrying your own production, though, there isn’t really too much you can do about it. Especially if it is a seated venue, where taking up expensive seats is not in the promoter’s or tour manager’s interest, and the artist wants the great sound that you give them, and also the money... it’s a complex game.