chapter  10
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Line Systems

After you’ve put up your desk and outboard racks, you’ll have to run out your multicore (or at least get one of the very helpful local crew to run it out for you). Multicores are also known as snakes, or sometime just referred to as the multi; they are the method of getting mic lines from the stage to each console, and then getting the audio back to the on-stage power amps and monitor console. (We’ll go into more detail about multicores later in this chapter.)

In professional systems, the signal paths work as follows:

n Input Source: Vocals, guitars, keyboards, etc. n Microphone or DI box: we’ll go into these in the next chapter when we talk

about setting up the stage. n Stage box n Splitter rack n Multicore n Consoles n Returns

To properly understand how and why these systems work, and why we use them, we need to first look at unbalanced and balanced lines.