chapter  1
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What is a Live Audio Engineer?

Speaking from personal experience, I have spent some time doing this job, and I always love it; being an FOH engineer gives me the ability to be creative and loud at the same time. However, the mixing can be a challenge. It isn’t just a case of pushing up your faders and making sound happen-it’s about blending sounds into one another so that you hear a full mix with nothing obscured. This is an enormous responsibility because you essentially have control of another artist’s music. Some artists really want to be involved with the mix, while others might just let you get on with what you are doing. Either way the ability to understand what the artist, management, or producer wants, and then the ability to translate that into audio, is important. For example, if someone says “I want it to sound more raw,” or “More reverb!” you have to understand what this means and how to do it. We’ll get into more detail about this kind of thing in later sections.