chapter  2
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Audio Engineering Basics

If you want to be a sound engineer, you must have a good understanding of all the elements that affect the job. This section explains these elements.

THE EAR Your ears are one of the only senses that aren’t ever turned off. You can close your eyes and stop touching things, but your brain is always processing audio. According to certain studies, audio frequencies affect brainwaves; for example, the complex patterns of Beethoven’s music stimulate the brain and thus improve thought processes, helping you to retain more information. Although it’s hard to vouch for this personally, many people will tell you that they have strong reactions to music they hear-perhaps even a built-in passion. What is clear is that music does affect the way we think. For example, in my personal experience, the simpler the music being listened to, the easier it is to relax, whereas the more intricate the music is, the more stimulated I feel.